Instructions to Authors

Paper Submission

Paper's files should be submitted by e-mail to the Editorial Board, address: danica.rosinova(at)

The submitted papers should be written in good English and must include the headings, abstract, key words, full text, figure and table captions and references. Headings should contain the title, author's name and affiliation and correspondence address (telephone, fax, e-mail).


Original papers (not published or not simultaneously submitted to another journal) will be reviewed. Copyright for published papers will be transferred to the publisher.

Final Form

Upon acceptance of the paper the author will be asked to mind the reviewers comments and to submit the final version in PDF format. The recommended extent of the paper is up to 15 pages.

Manuscript Layout

Manuscripts should be prepared for publication in accordance with instructions condensed below.

  1. Headings must contain the title of the article, the author's name and affiliation.
  2. The list of keywords should contain 5 to 8 keywords (according to standard List of keywords provided by IFAC).
  3. An abstract up to 300 words must precede and introduce the article.
  4. Mathematical equations should be clearly formulated in order to avoid possible doubts about meaning of employed symbols. They should be numbered by Arabic numerals.
  5. Figures and tables: figures should be numbered by Arabic, and tables by Roman numerals in the order of their appearance in the text. It is recommended that authors accompany each figure or table with a descriptive title giving sufficient information on it.
  6. References should be cited in a sequential manner with numbers in square brackets as follows:

[1] Vesely J.: Dynamic systems. Trans. JSCM, 30, 1997, 97-135
[2] Pisko M.: Linear and nonlinear models. Trans. JSCM, 29, 1996, 35-42


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Address of Editorial Board

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