Biogeography – Based Optimization for Transmission Network Planning Problem Considering Distributed Generation Impacts

Volume 14

Transmission system is one of the major components in the electric power industry. In this paper, a novel approach is proposed using biogeography-based optimization (BBO) for the solution of Transmission-expansion planning (TEP) long range problem. It applies a constrained BBO algorithm where network stability constraints as lower and upper limits of bus voltage magnitudes and swing angles are included, as well as the AC load flow equations. The cost function is formulated including both fixed and variable costs of planned transmission lines, in addition to energy losses cost. The function is then minimized subject to these constraints. In addition, the proposed method will be employed to study the impacts of distributed generation (DG) on transmission expansion planning. Theoretical details, mathematical model, and the verification of the approach using IEEE 6-BUS and modified 14-BUS test systems are given in the paper.

N.S. Hosny H.K. Youssef