2nd IFAC Conf. “Control Systems Design” - Bratislava, 7.-10. sept. 2003

Názov: 2nd IFAC Conf. “Control Systems Design” - Bratislava, 7.-10. sept. 2003

Editori: Štefan Kozák, Mikuláš Huba

Typ média: CD-ROM

Abstrakt: The IFAC Conference “Control Systems Design” (CSD 2003) is organized by the Slovak Society of Cybernetics and Informatics (which is the Slovak IFAC National Member Organization) and the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology of the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava, and sponsored by the IFAC Technical Committee on Control Design.

The IFAC Conference CSD 2003 is a direct continuation of the two foregoing IFAC Workshops “New Trends in Design of Control Systems”, both held in Smolenice, Slovak Republic in 1994 and 1997, respectively, and the IFAC Conference “Control Systems Design” (CSD 2000) held in Bratislava in 2000.

The aim of the IFAC Conference CSD2003 is
•    to provide an integrated forum for scientists and practitioners in new theoretical and applied areas of Control Engineering;
•    to integrate knowledge and experience from different fields of control systems design application;
•    to explore current theoretical developments as well as their applications to engineering problems.

The Conference is specific by an interdisciplinary range of addressed topics
•    PID Control
•    Predictive Control
•    Discrete Event Dynamic Systems Control
•    Robust Control
•    Intelligent Control Systems Design
•    Control Systems Applications

A large number of scientists and researches from world-wide leading research institutions and universities from 22 countries participate in the Conference presenting up to 100 papers. The presented papers are organized in one Plenary Session, six regular sessions, one Invited Session, one Tutorial and six Poster Sessions.

We believe that the IFAC Conference “Control Systems Design 2003 “ will provide a forum for theoreticians and practitioners to exchange their experience and ideas, and to establish professional and personal contacts, thus contributing to outline directions for further development in different control system design application fields.

It is a great pleasure for us to express our gratitude and appreciation to IFAC, especially to its TC “Control Design”, for the current support and assistance during the preparation and organization of the Conference.